Friday, July 24, 2015

Back like a bad penny

Well, when last I blogged here it was 2013. It was one blog, promising to be more prolific in the blogging I started in 2011. And here it is 2015 and nary a word since. I could say I've been busy - and I have. I could say I've been too depressed to blog - and I have. I could say I've blogged too much on Facebook - and I certainly have.  I could say nobody cared and I can't write worth a fig - but that would be a huge lie. In fact, all of my friends and family have been driving me to distraction to blog because they believe I'm such a terrific writer. They've told me to write articles and send them to magazines including Reader's Digest. Still, I haven't written a word here, in a word journal, in a college notebook.  Nothing, nada, zip, zero.

So - since I'm still poor. Once again unemployed between periods of underemployment and I procrastinate at everything. I may as well do my best to see if this blogging thing might catch on. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm never at a loss for words, topics, rantings, ravings, musings, or anything else involving the love of language and communication.

Perhaps this time I'll do a little research and find out how to publicize this blogging thing a little more and with a little luck and some encouragement, who knows?  I may use that college degree yet.  For now, it's 2 a.m. Not surprising for my unemployed lifestyle that turns my life into kind of a lost time, who cares existence. So perhaps I can discipline myself enough to write this blog at about the same time every day and then I might know what day and time it actually is.

For tonight - my four loyal hounds aren't waiting up for me.  They've taken over the good spots in my bed and I'll have to wiggle in and try to gently nudge them here and there until my big old body can fit in the queen size bed without the contortions of a circus performer. Wish me luck - the 7.5lb one is the most difficult to move.

Until later ... today.  Sweet dreams and good night.

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